Azera Journey / Case Study / Hyundai

Hyundai - The Azera Journey

To promote the launch of the new Hyundai Azera, INNOCEAN USA created “The Azera Journey,” an experience site designed to educate and enlighten consumers about specific aspects of the sedan that exemplify Hyundai’s commitment to pushing the envelope of design and engineering. is set on an HTML5 narrative scrolling experience with a stylized CG, illustration environment and Jazz music. The journey is comprised of five different environments, each corresponding to the story behind a different feature of the car (design, engine, brake system, reduced cabin noise and safety). In each environment, users can view a video of the behind-the-scenes story from the engineer or designer, get spec info, or learn more through fun facts, questions and interactive components.

2013 OC Addy Gold Award – Hyundai Azera Journey Microsite.
2013 SXSW Interactive Awards – Hyundai Azera Journey Microsite Finalist in Motion Graphics.
2012 Communication Arts Webpick of the day – Hyundai Azera Journey Microsite. 

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